Where it all began...

We were all placed on this Earth with the tools we need to survive. While there are some amazing man-made things that are useful, most of what we need exists in the nature around and within us. There’s a natural remedy for every illness, disease, or ailment that can be used to heal our minds, our bodies, our souls, and our homes. The Earth is gracious enough to provide us with everything we need.​

Where we are now.

After spending the last few years creating natural products and at-home remedies for myself and my family and friends, it is only right that I share these goodies with the rest of the world. It takes a lot of courage to share your gift with others but I believe that every person I encounter with becomes a part of my tribe. I am so excited that you've chosen The Gracious Earth to play a role in your healing journey. I am fully committed to being your cure, not your bandaid.

Love ♥️ & Herbs 🌿,


Where we are headed...

The easiest way to heal the body is from the inside out. We believe that in order to heal the body, you must first get to the root of the problem by way of detox. Each of our products are handcrafted to assist in releasing toxins from your body and from your home. Our mission is to serve as many homes as possible across the globe creating a toxin-free living space that will allow us to truly be free of what does not serve us.


Handcrafted . Organic . Vegan



100 % Natural & Free of:








Mineral Oil

Our products are cruelty-free and tested on family & friends, not animals 💛

Handcrafted and made to order. Orders are processed in 7 - 14 business days for optimal freshness.

The Gracious Earth, LLC/The Natural Remedy Queen, LLC